Hope in the midst of disappointment

I mentioned in a previous post about how God’s Word acts as the VAR that revises our otlook on what we are seeing and experiencing. This week has not been a good week for hope. We should have been preparing for the final lifting of restrictions this coming Monday. Instead we are likely to beContinue reading “Hope in the midst of disappointment”

Kindness – the undervalued evidence of knowing God

In Hosea 4:1, Yahweh brings his charge against Israel: There is no faithfulness or steadfast love,    and no knowledge of God in the land; Notice that God identifies three things missing from Israel: Faithfulness Knowledge of God Steadfast love (or kindness – NLT). The description here suggests a complete absence, not I think to suggest that no-oneContinue reading “Kindness – the undervalued evidence of knowing God”

Being the local church in lockdown

I would like to pick up on a question asked in response to my post about committing to a local church the other day. The question was that if we are broadcasting our services on Facebook, Youtube and Zoom and people can join in from anywhere and everywhere then how can we still claim thatContinue reading “Being the local church in lockdown”

Every Blessing you pour out (Deuteronomy 28: 1-14)

I want to do two things before we delve into the detail of Deuteronomy 28 that will hopefully be helpful. First of all, I want to outline a bit more about what a Biblical Covenant is and where we fit into the picture.  A covenant is an agreement between two parties. It usually includes longContinue reading “Every Blessing you pour out (Deuteronomy 28: 1-14)”

Can I be a faithful follower of Jesus without attending church? (5 Reasons why the answer is “No”)

It is actually the wrong question to start with. Church is not a venue or an event that you attend. Church is the people of God. You don’t attend a church, you are part of the church. If you belong to Jesus then you belong to his family meaning that you are a member ofContinue reading “Can I be a faithful follower of Jesus without attending church? (5 Reasons why the answer is “No”)”

Adultery and the forbidden woman

There is nothing more devastating than adultery. The discovery that the person you trusted your life to was living a lie, the  fear, guilt and shame that it was in fact failure on your part, the destruction that comes as a dad or mum walks out refusing to heed the pitiful cry of their childrenContinue reading “Adultery and the forbidden woman”