Abandoned? How do we square the difficult bits of Song of Songs?

I keep coming back to the question that Mike Ovey frequently asked his students at Oak Hill, “Will you let God disagree with you through his word?”   The point he would make was that we can tell the difference between an imaginary friend and a real friend by whether or not the friend disagreed with… Continue reading Abandoned? How do we square the difficult bits of Song of Songs?

Why I’m grateful for the Australians

These are not words you expect from a Brit especially as we are about to resume our traditional sporting rivalry (think rugby league, rugby union and cricket) tussling to come out on top in the Commonwealth Games.  However, I wanted to say something here about what I’m thankful for about Australian Evangelicalism, specifically Sydney Anglicanism.… Continue reading Why I’m grateful for the Australians

Do the Psalms and Prophets disagree with God?

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One thing you’ve probably heard me say frequently is that we need to let God’s Word disagree with us.  In a recent discussion I explained that this is one of the key reasons why I hold to Biblical inerrancy.[1] The comeback to this was that I was imposing an authoritarian understanding of Scripture that neglected… Continue reading Do the Psalms and Prophets disagree with God?

Mike Ovey

It’s five years ago since the shocking news that Mike Ovey had been taken from us suddenly.  Although there has been the constant comfort that he is with the Lord which is a better thing, Mike is still sorely missed.  He’s missed by many as a friend. Although Mike was an academic theologian and principal… Continue reading Mike Ovey

Looking for more – a disappointing read of Simply Trinity

Well, you got a little bit of a taster of what is coming in this review in my previous two articles. You will have realised by now that the book I was referring to when I described how my judgements are formed was Simply Trinity by Matthew Barrett. I then addressed a specific example looking… Continue reading Looking for more – a disappointing read of Simply Trinity

The unhappy narcissist

Yesterday I wrote about the happy narcissist. We can assume that narcissists will be happy people, so caught up in the wonder of their own beauty and brilliance and enjoying the good things that come their way. However, not all narcissists are happy. Indeed, yesterday we saw that they are not truly happy because true… Continue reading The unhappy narcissist

The pastor king?

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I’m continuing to reflect on some of the lessons arising from the 31:8 review of the Jonathan Fletcher case. The case relates to an Anglican minister in London who has been identified as engaging in systemic abuse of young men over a number of years.  Leaders within what is often referred to as “the conservative… Continue reading The pastor king?

Can systematic theology cross cultures?

I’d like to engage briefly with a comment from missiologist Eddie Arthur’s blog. The statement forms part of some notes Eddie jotted down listening to a discussion on Evangelicalism and the Majority World. The majority world church needs to develop its own language to express gospel truth. “I long for the day when we will… Continue reading Can systematic theology cross cultures?