Is narcissism the problem?

The Gospel Coalition have just published this article offering further engagement with Chuck De Groat’s book “When narcissism comes to church.”  The writer, Dan Doriani, is positive towards Chuck’s work but has some concerns, particularly with the thesis that: narcissism is especially common among pastors because they often enjoy a high profile. Narcissists crave power,… Continue reading Is narcissism the problem?

Keep a particular look out for narcissistic bullies

When thinking about dangerous leaders, the potential false shepherds and even wolves that might sneak in, being alert to the dangers of narcissism may be helpful. Narcissists are people with an unhealthy inward focus on themselves. They believe that the world should or does revolve around them, their needs and their priorities.  These are the… Continue reading Keep a particular look out for narcissistic bullies

Bad theology plus complacent thinking = dangerous pastoral care

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I’ve been writing a little about Biblical counselling recently. I’ve been particularly picking up on some of the dangers with certain strains of it but I do so as someone who believes that properly used, Biblical counselling does have a crucial place. I intend to write a little bit more about this shortly. However, first… Continue reading Bad theology plus complacent thinking = dangerous pastoral care

The unhappy narcissist

Yesterday I wrote about the happy narcissist. We can assume that narcissists will be happy people, so caught up in the wonder of their own beauty and brilliance and enjoying the good things that come their way. However, not all narcissists are happy. Indeed, yesterday we saw that they are not truly happy because true… Continue reading The unhappy narcissist

The happy narcissist

It’s not too difficult to spot a narcissist. They are the ones who believe that the world revolves around them. They have an excessively high view of their own importance and abilities.  Now, to be clear narcissism should not be confused with confidence.  It is possible to have a natural confidence and awareness of your… Continue reading The happy narcissist

Must we leave our trauma at the door?

Two wings of the Evangelical church tend to suffer from a bit of stereotyping.  On the one end are those frequently accused of focusing so much on the emotional aspect of worship that they forget exposition and doctrine, requiring you to leave your brains at the door. At the other end are those who are… Continue reading Must we leave our trauma at the door?

Be careful who you give platforms to

Although Donald Trump had already amassed his billions and was famous when it happened, his celebrity status took off when he became the star of The Apprentice. This gave him an incredible media platform. Were we uncomfortable with his brashness, his crudeness and aggression? Yes we were. Did a number of other businessmen and women… Continue reading Be careful who you give platforms to