Complementarianism and Singleness -what does the Bible say?

The other week, I wrote about complementarianism and singleness in response to the claim that Complementarianism gives no space for single women in the church or society because women are required always to relate to God and others through the authority of a man. In that article I explained that this is a misunderstanding ofContinue reading “Complementarianism and Singleness -what does the Bible say?”

Why is Sheep Stealing such a bad thing?

Last Sunday, I wrote about the issue of sheep stealing by which I meant the attempt to poach/steal/attract people from another church to join yours.  But why is this a problem? Surely we are part of the one family of God, surely as long as people are in the kingdom it doesn’t matter too muchContinue reading “Why is Sheep Stealing such a bad thing?”

Sheep stealing, transfer growth and the end of the pandemic

There are times when it becomes necessary to move from one church to another, this might be because a church has departed from what the Bible teaches on primary issues touching on the Gospel or because you have changed your own position on some thing important and central to the beliefs and practices of thatContinue reading “Sheep stealing, transfer growth and the end of the pandemic”

“I don’t just want you to survive ….”

The other day, I talked about how the stand out thing I’d learnt from Mike Ovey was to allow God to disagree with me through his word. Well, one way that God disagreed with me came through Mike’s teaching, though in this case posthumously. After Mike’s untimely death, I remember one former student sharing thatContinue reading ““I don’t just want you to survive ….””

Hope for the scattered, fragile and fearful

31 ‘Do you now believe?’ Jesus replied. 32 ‘A time is coming and in fact has come when you will be scattered, each to your own home. You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me. 33 ‘I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. InContinue reading “Hope for the scattered, fragile and fearful”

The Valley of Vision

So, here is something new for you.  You may have come across a beautiful collection of prayers by some of the Puritans under the title “The Valley of Vision.” The Puritans were both deep thinkers about God’s Word and firm believers in the conviction that faith in Christ should lead to radical heart and lifeContinue reading “The Valley of Vision”

Come with me – simple discipleship

I have often been struck by John’s description of the first disciples being called. I would sum up his description of discipleship being that it is people following Jesus to be in his presence and inviting others to come with them and follow Jesus. That’s discipleship in a nutshell. I was reminded of this againContinue reading “Come with me – simple discipleship”

Bullies in the workplace

“I would not be saying that, given the current economic climate if I were you.” The words are etched on my mind. I’d disagreed with one of our directors and he had not taken kindly to it. He was known for his temper and he was known to be one of the Managing Director’s henchmen.Continue reading “Bullies in the workplace”