Curiosity is crucial

I think that often the difference between leaders who are able to change things and those that aren’t is often to do with curiosity.  Some people are naturally curious. They are always wondering why things are the way they are, always asking questions, always considering different options, scenarios and reasons.  They employ the famous “W”… Continue reading Curiosity is crucial

Coronavirus and what the data is telling us

This is one of my regular appeals for us to work harder at understanding the Pandemic and to be slower to jump to tribal political responses of either panic or complacency. This week it was announced that the UK now topped the list as the worst hit country for deaths per million.  This led to… Continue reading Coronavirus and what the data is telling us

Curiosity and coronavirus

I have argued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that two gaps in our skill set as a society have been identified. The first is an understanding of how statistics work as figures have been thrown around without much understanding of what they tell us. The second has been that we have show a lack of curiosity.… Continue reading Curiosity and coronavirus