Boris and a question of character

As I write, Boris Johnson is still clinging on to power. That could change quickly.  Prime Ministers are remembered as much by how the leave office as anything.  Gordon Brown will be remembered for eventually leaving with his two sons and a level of dignity left, David Cameron for humming a care free tune as… Continue reading Boris and a question of character

Elders should be above reproach

I’ve been sharing a few thoughts about aspects of church life over the past few days to help those who are seeking to plant or replant churches think through the practicalities of church life.  In this previous article, I wrote about elders and what they should do, today I want to talk about what elders… Continue reading Elders should be above reproach

Leadership is not about the committee you attend

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Imagine if the way that your family functioned was that the husband/dad went down to the garden shed and made some decisions. Maybe he called round a few other men to join him for this meeting. Then afterwards, they came out and pronounced their wisdom. You can be by conviction a complementarian and still feel… Continue reading Leadership is not about the committee you attend