Clone wars … when preachers sound the same

On Friday I wrote about whether or not Christian publishers should be putting new books out there when the topic concerned has already been covered helpfully and sufficiently by another book.  This was in response to this tweet from my friend Alistair Chalmers. One of Alistair’s main reasons was that he observed as he read,… Continue reading Clone wars … when preachers sound the same

Curiosity is crucial

I think that often the difference between leaders who are able to change things and those that aren’t is often to do with curiosity.  Some people are naturally curious. They are always wondering why things are the way they are, always asking questions, always considering different options, scenarios and reasons.  They employ the famous “W”… Continue reading Curiosity is crucial

Is expository preaching “all that”?

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I saw this little twitter thread this morning.  It’s worth a read, just to pick up on how some people perceive what is considered the gold standard approach to preaching among conservative evangelicals It’s important because I suspect that a lot of us will consider expository preaching as the norm and will be surprised that… Continue reading Is expository preaching “all that”?