Starting points for a messy world

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Here’s the first episode of our new podcast series on “How do we know?” As we begin to delve into some Systematic Theology or “doctrine.” One of my aims is to make theological training and teaching more accessible and the podcast is one way of doing this. YouTube Audio

Discipleship, pastoral care and counselling

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If you are involved in discipling others then there will be times when you are asked to counsel someone. This might be about helping them to work through a particular issue or decision -whether to go for a job or it could be because they are facing specific circumstances such as marital problems, debt or… Continue reading Discipleship, pastoral care and counselling

Depression, spiritual warfare and calling the elders to pray

Mark Pickett has written this helpful review of “The pastor with a thorn in his side.”  In his review, Mark picks up on a number of things that he would have liked further analysis and discussion of in the book.  I agree with Mark that these are crucial areas that we need some further discussion… Continue reading Depression, spiritual warfare and calling the elders to pray

The role of Scripture in treating mental health issues

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I have read reports recently from people experiencing “Christian counselling” for mental health issues where this amounted to giving them a few bible verses to read and memorise.  So, I thought I would outline a few reflections around this. The first thing to say is that this is sometimes described as Biblical Counselling.  However, this… Continue reading The role of Scripture in treating mental health issues

Messy Church in a Messy World

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This morning I’m resharing the first ever article from the original faithroots blog. It helps explain some of the assumptions behind what I write. It is also the first chapter in “How do you know?” which is available from the publications page. A dirty word for a messy world This blog is for people living… Continue reading Messy Church in a Messy World