Nouthetic Counselling and Depression

Several of Jay Adam’s counselling case studies concern mental health and depression. Let’s have a look at a couple of them. First of all, we have Violet, a 54 year old lady who is suffering from depression and also has an undisclosed problem which she can tell only to God.  Have a look at the… Continue reading Nouthetic Counselling and Depression

Jay E Adams and nouthetic counselling

I mentioned in recent posts that I’ve been looking at Jay E Adams’ The Christian Counsellor’s Casebook. Adams is considered the founding father of the Biblical Counselling movement.  So, it is worth saying at this stage three things. I’m in favour of Biblical counselling in that I believe pastors are able to offer counsel and… Continue reading Jay E Adams and nouthetic counselling

Marriage counselling where there has been abuse

I’ve been planning to write something about divorce and re-marriage in the context of abuse cases for the past couple of weeks. It arises out of some of the discussion following on from the case of church discipline reported from Grace Community Church. One question that has been raised is whether the Bible permits separation… Continue reading Marriage counselling where there has been abuse

Discipleship, pastoral care and counselling

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If you are involved in discipling others then there will be times when you are asked to counsel someone. This might be about helping them to work through a particular issue or decision -whether to go for a job or it could be because they are facing specific circumstances such as marital problems, debt or… Continue reading Discipleship, pastoral care and counselling

Jay Adams (January 30th 1929 – November 14th 2020)

Whether or not you have heard the name, Jay Adams is probably one of the most significant influences on your life, especially if you are within the Reformed Tradition. A prolific author, he wrote on preaching and teaching (Truth Applied and Preaching with purpose), where he heavily pushed a focus on identifying the main point… Continue reading Jay Adams (January 30th 1929 – November 14th 2020)