An invitation to explore urban church planting with us

Could you be a pioneer urban church planter? Would you be willing to move into a community and begin to share your life and the Gospel with people who don’t yet know Jesus. We’re keen to encourage people to come and get involved in this type of church planting here in the West Midlands. You… Continue reading An invitation to explore urban church planting with us

A Task unfinished: The city and the Gospel in the UK

This article for The Gospel Coalition reminds us that if we are serious about sharing the Gospel then we need to pay attention to the ongoing growth of cities around the World.  We need to pay attention to those large urban areas because that’s where the people are. The article is I think primarily aimed… Continue reading A Task unfinished: The city and the Gospel in the UK


A little while back I wrote a little on the way that we can be tempted by three types of idol: approval, comfort and security.  Now one of the things about idols is that they tend to be parasitical on things that are genuine needs and in and of themselves, in context, within boundaries are… Continue reading Approval

New Horizons – update March 2022

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Sarah and I really appreciated the support and encouragement we’ve had from so many since we shared back at the end of 2020 that we were moving on from Bearwood Chapel. I thought it might be helpful to give you a little update on where we are at.  I’m hoping to follow up with some… Continue reading New Horizons – update March 2022

Church planters wanted

This is one of my occasional/regular reminders that I’m on the look out for people who are interested in getting involved in urban mission/discipleship to help plant churches. I’m particularly on the look out for people who would be interested in becoming part of planting teams to reach inner city and estate contexts in the… Continue reading Church planters wanted

Discipleship, pastoral care and counselling

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If you are involved in discipling others then there will be times when you are asked to counsel someone. This might be about helping them to work through a particular issue or decision -whether to go for a job or it could be because they are facing specific circumstances such as marital problems, debt or… Continue reading Discipleship, pastoral care and counselling