New Horizons – update March 2022

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Sarah and I really appreciated the support and encouragement we’ve had from so many since we shared back at the end of 2020 that we were moving on from Bearwood Chapel. I thought it might be helpful to give you a little update on where we are at.  I’m hoping to follow up with some… Continue reading New Horizons – update March 2022

New Horizons – Spring Update

Dear friends, Here’s an update for those of you who like to stay in touch with our plans and pray for us. Admittedly, when we first shared with you late last year that we were moving on from Bearwood Chapel, we hoped that by Easter, things would be much clearer about where we might end… Continue reading New Horizons – Spring Update

How can you help a wounded Christian?

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Last week, I wrote two articles about wounded Christians. The first was a book review. The second engaged with the possibility that wounds might not heal, not immediately and perhaps not at all in this life.  I wanted to follow this up with an article suggesting things you can do to help another Christian who… Continue reading How can you help a wounded Christian?

Another approach to financial support for urban mission

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Continuing my thoughts on financial support for Gospel ministry, I agree with those who feel that the current system is skewed towards unhealthy patronage and further that it means that finances don’t reach the places where they are most needed. There have been some conversations about the possibility of doing more to get funding redistributed… Continue reading Another approach to financial support for urban mission

Money Talks

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This guest post on Steve Kneale’s blog has generated plenty of further discussion among those with a particular concern for Gospel ministry into working class and urban contexts.  THs has highlighted that as well as passionate concern for the Gospel to go out to unreached areas, there is understandably disagreement at times about how we… Continue reading Money Talks

The challenge is not the state of the harvest, it is the need for workers

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The fall out continues from  the recent announcements of cutbacks in the Church of England. If the church of England had a particular strength in the past, it was that it was a church for the whole country and this was reflected in the Parish system. The risk with this was that the CoEE got… Continue reading The challenge is not the state of the harvest, it is the need for workers

New Horizons – next steps (Early 2021)

Here’s the next update for our plans. As you will know, I finish with Bearwood Chapel on the 31st December.  We have said that we are open to wherever God leads us and over the past few weeks that has led to some fascinating conversations. We have been challenged and encouraged to hear about both… Continue reading New Horizons – next steps (Early 2021)

40*40 The cost of urban mission

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One of the things that Sarah and I have been considering is the possibility of pioneer church planting work. If we go for this option then we will need to be looking ourselves at the support and funding needed for this. At the same time, I have been committed to seeking to help raise up… Continue reading 40*40 The cost of urban mission

Giving advice

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Here are some thoughts on giving advice and opinions, especially in a church context. The first thing to say is that it is best not to offer unsolicited advice, it is very rarely welcome. Indeed, often when people tell you something, they are not particularly looking for advice. They are looking for three things The… Continue reading Giving advice