The Accidental Planter (part 1)

Back in 2011, we had a series of church members meetings and an way day to tackle the theme “Space to Grow”. The Chapel building holds about 100 people, we can get up to 120 in at a squeeze with some overspill into the foyer. In reality the true, comfortable capacity of the building is… Continue reading The Accidental Planter (part 1)

“I think I’ve just shipwrecked the Church”

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It was September 2012, we were a week or two away from moving from one Sunday morning service to two congregations and I was sat to the side in our main hall looking across the assembled church family.  Since we had confirmed the decision to make the move I had noticed a drop off in… Continue reading “I think I’ve just shipwrecked the Church”

40*40 The cost of urban mission

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One of the things that Sarah and I have been considering is the possibility of pioneer church planting work. If we go for this option then we will need to be looking ourselves at the support and funding needed for this. At the same time, I have been committed to seeking to help raise up… Continue reading 40*40 The cost of urban mission

New Horizons update – the vision

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Thank you to everyone who have been sharing with us your prayers, thoughts and good wishes as we seek the Lord’s will for our next steps after Bearwood. I wanted to give you a little update on how things seem to be developing in my mind.  Really, this is not about a new direction but… Continue reading New Horizons update – the vision

The one real reason for church planting

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I have attended my fair share of conferences and read my fair share of blogs, articles and books about church planting over time and I’ve heard a lot of reasons given for church planting.  These include It will increase capacity in your own church leading to further growth It will provide greater choice of churches… Continue reading The one real reason for church planting

A need that has not gone away during lockdown

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One of my concerns is that we have short attention spans. We hop from topic to topic. Last year we were talking about Brexit, then thete were the climate extinction rallies. For Christisns they were eclipsed by some serious spiritual abuse cases hit the headlines. COVID-19 hit the headlines and suddenly all the things we… Continue reading A need that has not gone away during lockdown

Reforming Theological Training

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This is an article from my previous blog that I wanted to reschedule to keep focus on this priority People who know me well will know that I have a particular concern for encouraging good quality theologically training, especially when it comes to potential pastors and planters in urban contexts. To be clear, my own… Continue reading Reforming Theological Training

Church planting in a time of coronavirus -an idea

We have links with a church in the US who have live-streamed services for some time. Recently, they did some analysis of where people were tuning in from and found that they had people joining in from all around the world, including the UK. They then asked one of our elders if (with our permission),… Continue reading Church planting in a time of coronavirus -an idea