Please support a church plant in Rochdale

The Christian world is a small one and so every so often you find that a friend from one context has made a connection with another friend leading to Gospel partnership.  Here is one fantastic example leading to an urban church plant in Rochdale. I met Stephen Watkinson at Oak Hill Theological College. Stephen wasContinue reading “Please support a church plant in Rochdale”

New Horizons update – the vision

Thank you to everyone who have been sharing with us your prayers, thoughts and good wishes as we seek the Lord’s will for our next steps after Bearwood. I wanted to give you a little update on how things seem to be developing in my mind.  Really, this is not about a new direction butContinue reading “New Horizons update – the vision”

Urban Church Planting – post COVID

For most of the past year most churches have had their heads down, focused on getting through this virus together without losing too many people and hopefully at the same time picking up new people via online services.  Yet whilst all of that has been happening, the need for new churches and church revitalisation hasn’tContinue reading “Urban Church Planting – post COVID”