An invitation to explore urban church planting with us

Could you be a pioneer urban church planter? Would you be willing to move into a community and begin to share your life and the Gospel with people who don’t yet know Jesus.

We’re keen to encourage people to come and get involved in this type of church planting here in the West Midlands. You can read more about pioneer planting with us here.

If you were to come and get involved in church planting here, we would commit to supporting you through training, mentoring and coaching. Read more about this here.

So have I whetted your appetite yet? If this is provoking an interest in you, then you will want to know what the next steps are to explore things further. So here goes!

  1. It should go without saying that the first thing you need to be doing is praying, talking this through with the Lord
  2. The second thing I’d encourage you to do is to start talking (and listening) to those closest to you, who know you best and who you are accountable to, starting with your immediate family and then your church elders/leaders and then to other close friends who know you well.
  3. Then get in touch with me. Drop me a note via the contact form and I’d love to start a conversation with you. This might initially be on zoom but I’d love to meet up with you face to face as soon as possible too.

After we’ve spoken on Zoom, if it seems right to keep exploring things, I’d encourage you to come up and spend a few days with us up in the West Midlands. You can get to know us a bit better and we can get to know you. We’d also be able to show you around Birmingham and/or the Black Country to help you get a better feel for the area.

This would enable you to go back to your home church and your family and to pray and discern further.

If you would like to talk more, please drop me a line via the contact form below:

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