Does Doug Wilson endorse marital rape?

Is Doug Wilson an apologist for rape, specifically marital rape? A particular quote from him has been doing the rounds for some time: “When we quarrel with the way the world is, we find that the world has ways of getting back at us. In other words, however we try, the sexual act cannot beContinue reading “Does Doug Wilson endorse marital rape?”

Forgiveness, reconciliation, restored trust and domestic abuse

In my article yesterday, I talked about learning to trust again after forgiveness and reconciliation. I argued that this was possible by choosing to remember the good things about a person as well as God’s grace to them and us and to choose to not remember their weakness, sin and the pain caused. In aContinue reading “Forgiveness, reconciliation, restored trust and domestic abuse”

Why I wrote to my MP about abortion and not about other things.

Tim Farron has written observing that lots of Christians wrote in to MPs like him asking them to vote against the amendments to the Domestic Abuse bill that would have resulted in a sweeping liberalisation of the abortion law.  His fear is that we will come to be seen as single issue campaigners and harshContinue reading “Why I wrote to my MP about abortion and not about other things.”

What is the abortion amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill all about?

Today the House of Commons is likely to consider an amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill as it makes its way through parliament. Pro-life campaigners have highlighted this as being one of those most significant moments in the debate about abortion with the amendment potentially sweeping away any outstanding protections for an unborn child. ButContinue reading “What is the abortion amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill all about?”

Love is not an excuse to tolerate and cover up abuse

Yesterday, I wrote about what love is not. This is because sometimes people use the concept of love to manipulate victims to continue living with abuse and without justice. I want to explore that a bit further today because one of the arguments used is that this is part of a wife’s responsibility to submitContinue reading “Love is not an excuse to tolerate and cover up abuse”

Love is not

Last week I started writing some articles about what a healthy church looks like and I argued that the one most neglected mark is the one that Jesus and the New Testament argues is of first importance, Love. But there is a risk if we just talk about “love” without thinking carefully about what itContinue reading “Love is not”