Breaking International Law? (2) The Internal Market Bill

Is the UK Government in a position where it has been forced to go back on its treaty agreements with the EU through the Withdrawal Agreement?  In brief, the issue is this. We have devolved governments in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It is therefore possible for those governments to implement legislation relating to foodContinue reading “Breaking International Law? (2) The Internal Market Bill”

Breaking International Law?

The other day, a Government minister announced that the Government were about to break international law in a specific and limited way. Their comments related to the latest stage of Brexit negotiations and the Internal Market bill that is going through the House of Commons at the moment. Before I go any further, I wantContinue reading “Breaking International Law?”

Work Matters

I’ve been writing about the importance of rest over the past week or two but we cannot talk about rest without talking about work. It is that point which influenced my last article on the matter.  In that article, I responded to a question about why we do not give enough attention to the partContinue reading “Work Matters”

When Saturday comes – is a two day weekend sinful?

I got asked this the other day in response to my articles on Sabbath observance. The person concerned had picked up on focus on the bit about “on the seventh day you shall rest” that we miss the bit about “six days shall you labour….”  “Have we forgotten the first part of the commandment?” heContinue reading “When Saturday comes – is a two day weekend sinful?”

Specifically Wrong

Today asked about the Government’s Brexit policy, a minister, Brandon Lewis stated that yes the Government would break international law … in a specific way. You heard that right. A minister acknowledged intention to break a law. Not only that, the slightly weird defence was introduced that it was only in a specific way. ThatContinue reading “Specifically Wrong”

The A Level Results Scandal – how not to use algorithms

A Level results are dropping into young people’s in boxes this morning and from what we have heard on the news and seen with the Scottish results there is going to be a lot of disappointment this morning. Earlier this year, when it became clear that the normal summer exams would not be possible, teachersContinue reading “The A Level Results Scandal – how not to use algorithms”

Don’t forget about asylum seekers

This week, the Guardian reported on an attempt to deport a young girl at risk of experiencing FGM. Now, if the child’s mother or father were attempting to take her out of the country to face this horrific abuse, then the courts and the Government would rightly be doing everything in their power to stopContinue reading “Don’t forget about asylum seekers”

What is the abortion amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill all about?

Today the House of Commons is likely to consider an amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill as it makes its way through parliament. Pro-life campaigners have highlighted this as being one of those most significant moments in the debate about abortion with the amendment potentially sweeping away any outstanding protections for an unborn child. ButContinue reading “What is the abortion amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill all about?”

How (not) to be a guilt driven church (The truth about cats and dogs 2)

The book we bought and the book we read Bridging the gap – Ephesians 2:8 -10)  For by grace….To do good works Useless and harmful bridges L……………….. L………………… M………………. Solving the problem Two reasons why we don’t boast                S……………..                N……… C……………………………… It’s g……….. all the way To think about When I am challengedContinue reading “How (not) to be a guilt driven church (The truth about cats and dogs 2)”