Surviving or thriving? A Biblical Theology of grace and law

This week’s podcast is based on a sermon I preached recently for our church. Here’s my outline notes.


  • What does it mean to live in God’s presence – to please him?
  • Grace came first last week – a good thing.
  • Law – we are going to trace a theme through the whole Bible story line – a bit like Jonny did when looking at The Holy Spirit.

Key moments

  1. First ever command –“Don’t eat from the tree” – context God’s grace and blessing -creation and provision and protection – the Garden
  • Noah  -Grace means he is rescued through the Flood and blessed with a covenant sign (The rainbow).  As with Eden there is food provided but a boundary/limit because he may not eat meat with blood in it (Genesis 9)
  • God calls a people for himself (Abraham Gen 12) – blessing/promise (grace)
  • Egypt – slavery/death  à Rescue through Moses = grace again.  The Law given at Sinai

Types of Law?

  • Moral
  • Civil
  • Ceremonial

Deut 6:1-9

  • It’s about being loved by the one true living God and loving him back 
  • We are meant to inhabit/be saturated in God’s Word 
  • Teach your children
  • Inability to keep commands. The problem isn’t the Law  -it’s us

Romans 8:1-4

  • Think about laws/rules under despotic regimes used to suppress/enslave.
  • God’s good law is used against us by Satan to condemn and to bind (outside of Christ we are in his kingdom/under his reign)
  • That’s why we need Jesus/The Gospel
  • A new law on our hearts -the work of the Spirit (Matthew 5)  not just external law keeping -changed hearts and minds

What difference will this make for us?

  1. WE cannot be God pleasers without the Gospel
  • Christian life – we need a deep work in our hearts

Where do you need God to work in your heart to give you more grace and love?

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