What does it mean to “just focus on protecting the vulnerable”?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a point of view gaining momentum in certain quarters which is that we should never have had a full national lockdown and that we should be lifting all restrictions now so that the young and healthy can be free to live their lives without interference.  Instead we shouldContinue reading “What does it mean to “just focus on protecting the vulnerable”?”

Forgiveness, reconciliation, restored trust and domestic abuse

In my article yesterday, I talked about learning to trust again after forgiveness and reconciliation. I argued that this was possible by choosing to remember the good things about a person as well as God’s grace to them and us and to choose to not remember their weakness, sin and the pain caused. In aContinue reading “Forgiveness, reconciliation, restored trust and domestic abuse”

Coronavirus Interview with a Doctor

We had the opportunity to catch up with Dr Steve Sturman on Afternoon Tea today. Here are some of the things we talked about (watch the interview below) – What is it currently like to be working in hospital? – Is it safe to go into hospital if I’m unwell with another condition? – WhatContinue reading “Coronavirus Interview with a Doctor”