Desire and Rule – handling a difficult and controversial text

Aimee Byrd, author of Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood has caused some further controversy with the release of her latest book “Sexual Reformation.” As with her previous book, at least part of the focus is on challenging some of the presuppositions behind the Biblical manhood movement.  Her most recent target is how Genesis 3:16… Continue reading Desire and Rule – handling a difficult and controversial text

Jesus and Gender (book review)

Probably the single most divisive issue for churches during my life time has been the question of how men and women relate to one another in terms of marriage and in terms of church leadership.  I remember the controversy when Princess Diana used the wedding vows that omit a commitment to “obey.” Over just shy… Continue reading Jesus and Gender (book review)

Women and the Gospel

#TheDailyDose – 1 Timothy 2:9-15 Does the Bible treat women as second class citizens? Was Paul teaching something that was limited to the culture of Ephesus in Timothy’s day or applicable to today? What does it mean for women to be saved through childbearing? Does this mean you have to marry and have lots of… Continue reading Women and the Gospel

(Not Quite) The making of Biblical Womanhood

The most recent contribution to the conversation about the role of men and women in the church and in the home is The Making of Biblical Womanhood by Beth Allison Barr. Barr argues against complementarianism and claims that it is in fact a modern attempt to re-impose patriarchy. Furthermore she argues that complementarianism is a… Continue reading (Not Quite) The making of Biblical Womanhood

Calling men: – how will we respond to the Sarah Everard case?

This week we’ve been shocked by the horrific murder of Sarah Everard.  In the same way that the killing of George Floyd provoked a public conversation as well as outpouring of emotion and demonstrations on the streets to say that #BlackLivesMatter so too we are seeing a similar response here as women talk openly about… Continue reading Calling men: – how will we respond to the Sarah Everard case?

Am I a Biblical Man?

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Hot on the heels from Aimee Byrd’s book “Recovering From Biblical Manhood and Womanhood”, there seems to have been a sudden explosion of social media conversation about the concepts of Biblical manhood and womanhood. The latest provocation was this tweet from Owen Strachan, So, how do you do? Do you meet the qualifications? Are you… Continue reading Am I a Biblical Man?

Re-mapping the Gender Role debate

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We tend to describe the debate about gender roles in church and the family as divided between egalitarians and complementarians.  However, I have been wondering whether this properly captures the nuances of the discussion.  So, here is an attempt to remap where the agreement and disagreement is. I am starting with the assumption that the… Continue reading Re-mapping the Gender Role debate