Women and church leadership

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I wanted to say a little bit more here about church leadership and my previous comments about churches needing both mums and dads.  I’m a complementarian which means that I believe men and women are created equally in God’s image and are co-heirs in Christ.  It also means that they bring different perspectives, gifts, roles… Continue reading Women and church leadership

Is my friend on the slippery slope?

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My friend Steve Kneale wrote this article the other day arguing that if we are encouraging and offering theological training for men in the church, then we should also offer it for women too.  Men and women should have equal access to this kind of training and education. All of that at first glance seemed… Continue reading Is my friend on the slippery slope?

All the single ladies?

I’ve written before about how men in the church should talk to and shouldn’t talk to and about women.  Sadly, there was a horrific example of how not to talk about women in an interview between Doug Wilson and Michael Foster posted recently online. The conversation is primarily about singleness but I want to pick… Continue reading All the single ladies?

Women and the Gospel

#TheDailyDose – 1 Timothy 2:9-15 Does the Bible treat women as second class citizens? Was Paul teaching something that was limited to the culture of Ephesus in Timothy’s day or applicable to today? What does it mean for women to be saved through childbearing? Does this mean you have to marry and have lots of… Continue reading Women and the Gospel

Who are deacons?

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The first turn to Bible passage on deacons tends to be 2 Timothy 3. This is where Paul sets out the qualifications for both elders and deacons. In the first part of the chapter, Paul says that the role of elder/overseer/Bishop is a noble desire. He then sets out the qualifications for the role. Overseers… Continue reading Who are deacons?

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – Hierarchialism and Complementarianism are simply not the same

I am a complementarian in terms of my views of men and women and their roles in church and home.  This means that I believe men and women are not interchangeable.  This has two specific (and only two) applications. It means that Ephesians 5 talks about husbands sacrificially loving their wives, wives submitting to their… Continue reading Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – Hierarchialism and Complementarianism are simply not the same


If you are looking for something to read at the moment, can I recommend “Worthy: Celebrating the value of women.” By Elyse Fitzpatrick and EM Schumacher.  The book traces a Biblical theology of what it means for women to be made in God’s image and part of his amazing salvation story. It the applies this… Continue reading Worthy