If you are looking for something to read at the moment, can I recommend “Worthy: Celebrating the value of women.” By Elyse Fitzpatrick and EM Schumacher.  The book traces a Biblical theology of what it means for women to be made in God’s image and part of his amazing salvation story. It the applies this for contemporary life today, what does it mean for women to be valued in the church.

The authors are from a complementarian background meaning that they believe men and women are made equal but different with different roles to follow.  However, they believe that if church is like a dial set between M and F then the dial has been too far over to the M in many of our churches (there are places where they think it has gone the other way). Sometimes to reset the dial to a balanced position you have to over-emphasise the ignored position.

The book is beautiful, it includes personal biography and Biblical narrative. It is writing humbly as the authors share where they have had to rethink and change in the light of God’s Word.

They also handle the #ChurchToo crisis with compassionate wisdom.

Each chapter closes with specific application for both men and women.  There are also discussion questions. 

This may be a book about women but it is not just for women.  Personally I am encouraging fathers to read it together with their daughters. 

Here are some places where you can purchase the book. It is available in paperback and kindle format

Ten Of Those


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