Does Baptism save?

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Generally speaking, most paedobaptists would stop short of teaching baptismal regeneration.  That’s the belief associated primarily with Catholicism that it is the act of baptism itself that objectively brings about salvation.  The closest we have got to that idea has been from  some Federal Vision proponents who insist that baptism does objectively do something and… Continue reading Does Baptism save?

Doug Wilson and child safeguarding

In this article I am going to engage with perhaps the least easy to read and write about of the concerns raised about Doug Wilson, I’ve titled this “Doug Wilson and child safeguarding” which is perhaps an understatement of the issue but I’ve titled it that way not to minimise the issues but rather to… Continue reading Doug Wilson and child safeguarding

Why do people baptise babies?

Part two of some reposted articles relating to Federal Vision theology. In my article about children and communion I commented that: “Secondly, a few years back, there was a big fuss about something called “The Federal Vision.” It was strong among some Presbyterians and Anglicans. It was an attempt to recover a high view of… Continue reading Why do people baptise babies?

Does Doug Wilson endorse marital rape?

Is Doug Wilson an apologist for rape, specifically marital rape? A particular quote from him has been doing the rounds for some time: “When we quarrel with the way the world is, we find that the world has ways of getting back at us. In other words, however we try, the sexual act cannot be… Continue reading Does Doug Wilson endorse marital rape?

Douglas Wilson on Slavery and racism

In some up coming posts, I’m going to try and outline the issues concerning Douglas Wilson’s teaching in order to show why it is unhealthy.  But to do so, we need to engage properly with what Wilson is actually saying rather than hearsay or exaggeration and that means we need to take a little time… Continue reading Douglas Wilson on Slavery and racism

Should children take communion?

I’m reposting a couple of articles from a few years back about baptism and communion -especially as it relates to children. I’m doing this partly because these are topics that are always worth revisiting but also because I’m currently preparing some articles following up further on the question of church culture. In some of the… Continue reading Should children take communion?

Cancel Culture and the death of academia

I’m continuing to reflect and write about culture in the light of recent abuse scandals and I want to pick up on something that has come up in social media conversations.  As we begin to consider the question of healthy church culture, our attention is drawn to examples of leaders, speakers and writers who have… Continue reading Cancel Culture and the death of academia