Love Conquers Fear (10) “I want to know what love is”

In our next Faithroots video we ask “How do we know what love is.” 1 John 4:7-12 tells us that “God is love” and then goes on to show us how we know God’s love.

Why I wrote to my MP about abortion and not about other things.

Tim Farron has written observing that lots of Christians wrote in to MPs like him asking them to vote against the amendments to the Domestic Abuse bill that would have resulted in a sweeping liberalisation of the abortion law.  His fear is that we will come to be seen as single issue campaigners and harshContinue reading “Why I wrote to my MP about abortion and not about other things.”

Is God Just and Fair?

Yesterday’s #AfternoonTea looked at this question as we continue to think about questions to do with justice. Key points include There are two arguments to consider here. First that God punishing sin is unfair because how can we really know that he exists and what his law is? The second is that it is unfairContinue reading “Is God Just and Fair?”

The Shaming of the Shrew

This is the third in a little series of articles reflecting on the controversy surrounding Dominic Cumming’s trip to Durham. I guess it also relates to the issues that came up with Professor Neil Ferguson and Catherine Calderwood, the former Scottish Chief Medical Officer I am more concerned with the lessons we learn for ourContinue reading “The Shaming of the Shrew”

What I want for my enemies (reflections on Psalm 110 part 1)

How do we respond when people falsely accuse us, slander and gossip about us behind our backs, isolate us and attack our characters?  Psalm 109, helps us to give voice to the way that this makes us feel. There is the desperate cry for justice. David utters these words against his tormenters Appoint a wickedContinue reading “What I want for my enemies (reflections on Psalm 110 part 1)”

Is it arrogant to say there is only one way to God?

This is one of the classic objections to the Christian gospel.  John 14:1-7 helps us to answer that question and show why Jesus must be the only way. The context is Jesus’ last supper. Jesus has told his disciples that he is going to a place that they cannot come yet. Understandably they are distressedContinue reading “Is it arrogant to say there is only one way to God?”