How do we hear God? General Revelation

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Have a listen in to this week’s podcast If you want to go a bit deeper into the topics being covered at the moment then you may also want to download the e-book that this is based on There is also a study guide with discussion questions. Why not watch the videos/listen to the audio… Continue reading How do we hear God? General Revelation

Starting points for a messy world

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Here’s the first episode of our new podcast series on “How do we know?” As we begin to delve into some Systematic Theology or “doctrine.” One of my aims is to make theological training and teaching more accessible and the podcast is one way of doing this. YouTube Audio

What’s coming up on the Faithroots Podcast?

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One of the primary aims of Faithroots – right from the beginning was to help make theological education accessible.  There are two reasons for this.  First, I’ve a specific concern to help encourage and equip people into urban ministry through church planting and revitalisation.  To help with this, I want to see potential pastors equipped… Continue reading What’s coming up on the Faithroots Podcast?

Gospel touch points

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What are the key things you would want to cover in a conversation about the Gospel with people in your local community? I would suggest that there are five things we would want to talk about in any given situation. Now, how we talk about them, and even the order in which we talk about… Continue reading Gospel touch points