Gospel touch points

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What are the key things you would want to cover in a conversation about the Gospel with people in your local community? I would suggest that there are five things we would want to talk about in any given situation. Now, how we talk about them, and even the order in which we talk about… Continue reading Gospel touch points

Can I trust the Bible? – A question of presuppositions

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Presuppositions are the foundational beliefs that underpin our worldviews. Why is this important when we are considering the question “Can I trust the Bible?” Well, when we are talking about the amazing things that the Bible describes, we are either pre-disposed to take them seriously or to dismiss them. You see, I will either have… Continue reading Can I trust the Bible? – A question of presuppositions

How do you know? -Pulling Things Together

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Right at the start, we said that this would be a blog for people with messy lives. In other words, this is meant to be a practical blog helping us to think about how we live as believers. So it still may seem a little strange to think that we’ve spent so much time talking… Continue reading How do you know? -Pulling Things Together

“Crushed” (Expository Worship a worked example)

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I mentioned in the last post about a song that we had started to sing at Bearwood Chapel a few years back. The song is called  “Jesus Thank you (The Mystery of the Cross).”  In the first verse, you have the line “You the perfect Holy One crushed your Son.”  Some people have expressed discomfort… Continue reading “Crushed” (Expository Worship a worked example)

Making Expository Worship happen

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How can we encourage an appetite for Expository Worship?  Here are a few more thoughts. 1. Get people to look at what they are singing.  For example, before you sing a hymn, ask people to look at a verse – what stands out to them? Are there lines they like? Where are we getting this… Continue reading Making Expository Worship happen

Expository Worship

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In his book “Nine Marks of a Healthy Church,” Mark Dever makes Expositional Preaching his first and most important mark of healthy church life.[1]  I want to suggest that Dever is right to give expositional preaching such a central position, but that he does not go far enough. Why is Expositional Preaching so important? Dever… Continue reading Expository Worship


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Co-incidentally at the same time that I was preparing the original post on Apologetics, I was also teaching a couple of Apologetics sessions at OM Lifehope. One student asked “What do I do when someone’s objection is that they are already happy and contented in life.” We talked through all the sorts of things you… Continue reading Happy

Sorry -some worked examples in apologetics

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The questions we want to ask…and answer If God exists, why doesn’t he show up and prove it?  If the Gospel is true, why is the church so full of hypocrites and killjoys?  If God is love, then why doesn’t he stop all the suffering in the world?  Can I really trust the Bible to… Continue reading Sorry -some worked examples in apologetics

Spiritual Warfare

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“I think my house is haunted; there’s an evil Spirit present.  Will you come and do an exorcism?”  How would you respond to this request?  Or what do you do when someone confidently announces that the reason that the evangelism team are struggling is because of territorial spirits? They suggest a prayer march through the… Continue reading Spiritual Warfare

How can we help?

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The conversation you rather wouldn’t be having “I just don’t think we can go on. We’ve tried everything. It’s time to go our separate ways.”  With those words, you are asked to give your blessing to divorce.  Or, you’re sat talking with a young member.  They’ve recently started dating someone who is not a Christian. … Continue reading How can we help?