Can I say to an unbeliever “God loves you?”

At least one pastor on social media doesn’t think so. This raises some interesting questions. The first of which is can we through a quick scan through Acts draw such a dogmatic conclusion as that the apostles “never” did something. Interestingly, if we are looking for examples from New Testament narrative, my friend -and experienced… Continue reading Can I say to an unbeliever “God loves you?”

In Christ alone

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Every so often I pick up on a complaint/objection to Stuart Townend’s hymn “In Christ alone.”  Here is one such example. There are people who would be happy, they say, to sing the hymn but are deeply distressed by the line “Til on that Cross, as Jesus died The wrath of God was satisfied.” Now,… Continue reading In Christ alone

Revealed … suppressed (Romans 1:16-32)

What is the mission of the local church in the city?  A lot of churches if asked that question will talk about sharing the love of Jesus, being salt and light, showing compassion etc. But what dies it mean to be salt and light, what does it mean to show the love of Jesus? Those… Continue reading Revealed … suppressed (Romans 1:16-32)