What was Jesus guilty of?

When talking about Jesus’ trial, we often emphasise the kangaroo nature of the court that met at night and the inability of his accusers to agree as they brought their false accusations. However, there was an accusation that stuck and was actually true.  Jesus was executed for a very specific thing and that charge was… Continue reading What was Jesus guilty of?

Betrayed, Denied, Accused (Mark 14)

We are now reaching the culmination of the Gospel.  Jesus is about to be betrayed and handed over to death.  The leaders are hesitant, not wanting to cause a disturbance during the festival, and yet the focus on Passover is exactly the time when God has planned these events to come to pass (14:1-2) It… Continue reading Betrayed, Denied, Accused (Mark 14)

When someone is falsely accused

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This is the third and final part of my mini-series on false accusation. In my first article, I said that often the person who is falsely accused is not in a position to do much and so will be dependent upon the help of others. I believe that this is where others in the leadership… Continue reading When someone is falsely accused

On not playing the accusers’ game

In my last post on false accusation, I argued that following Jesus’ example in the face of false accusation doesn’t mean that we cannot respond to lies in order to challenge, correct or clarify. Rather, I said that it means we must not play the same game.  Peter says about Jesus: 22 He committed no sin,… Continue reading On not playing the accusers’ game

What can I do when falsely accused?

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Sadly, we’ve seen some high profile examples of sin, bullying and abuse or of church leaders failing to handle such situations well.  I’ve written occasionally about these things because I’m concerned to see healthy churches and healthy leadership. However, not every accusation will be true.  Sometimes this is because there has been a genuine misunderstanding… Continue reading What can I do when falsely accused?

Food from around the world wide web

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First of all, a couple of articles related to mental and emotional health. We’ve got a guest article on Grace In The Depths where Jon tells his story of experiencing periods of acute hyper- mania The Great White Shark. Secondly, This article about ministry burnout in Premier Christianity includes an interview with my friend Pete… Continue reading Food from around the world wide web

How long?

Here is the latest in our series of daily expositions/mediations #TheDailyDose – we are looking at the book of Habakkuk and here are vital words for anyone struggling, fearful, grieving or even angry at wickedness, evil, suffering and persecution. The reading is Habakkuk 1:1-4. We are attempting something new from this week. As well as… Continue reading How long?

Slander and Gnosticism

A little while back I observed that we can quickly start throwing charges of heresy and insults about.  You can read the article here.  I particularly observed that we were often quick to accuse people of being Gnostic or at least allowing Gnosticism to influence our beliefs and practices. The insult has replaced the long-standing… Continue reading Slander and Gnosticism