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First of all, a couple of articles related to mental and emotional health. We’ve got a guest article on Grace In The Depths where Jon tells his story of experiencing periods of acute hyper- mania The Great White Shark.

Secondly, This article about ministry burnout in Premier Christianity includes an interview with my friend Pete Killingley, pastor at Send Evangelical Church.

Now for something a little different. Recently, Anaheim Vineyard announced that they were leaving the Vineyard Movement. This is fascinating because this is the founding church of the movement which John Wimber planted. It would be like the Hill Song church in Australia leaving Hillsong or Holy Trinity Brompton leaving their network. Thomas Creedy has been sharing his reflections on this.

My story of Suffering (Alistair Chalmers) “For the past few years I’ve poured many hours into the topic of suffering. This is because I am a pastor at heart and I care for the concerns and pains of those around me. However, there is also a personal reason and that is that I too suffer….”

It’s the vastness that highlights the uniqueness -stars may feel that they are not particularly unique but there’s something a little different about the human race!

Out of the Freezer I’ve written again recently about abuse, especially when it involves charges of failure amongst leaders. But what about the person who is falsely accused?

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