Betrayed, Denied, Accused (Mark 14)

We are now reaching the culmination of the Gospel.  Jesus is about to be betrayed and handed over to death.  The leaders are hesitant, not wanting to cause a disturbance during the festival, and yet the focus on Passover is exactly the time when God has planned these events to come to pass (14:1-2) It… Continue reading Betrayed, Denied, Accused (Mark 14)

Have a plan for how you handle accusations

Churches are messy and vulnerable places where serious spiritual business is being done.  We should not be surprised then that there will from time to time be accusations that come our way.  Those may be accusations against other members of the church, past or present, partners in fellowship with the church, other leaders and if… Continue reading Have a plan for how you handle accusations

Remember: You are not Jesus!

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What turns out to be the most controversial is often a surprise.  Sometimes I can write something or say something and it gets little reaction when I would expect it to create a lot of heat. Other times, I say something I consider fairly innocuous or obvious and it creates waves with people taking the… Continue reading Remember: You are not Jesus!


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Here’s another out of the freezer article from a few years back Over the past few years, I’ve talked a lot about the Guilt Driven Church and  about guilt, grace and forgiveness.. The primary focus has been on how we experience shame and learning to distinguish false guilt from true guilt. But really there’s another… Continue reading Accuser

An MP, a rape accusation and #churchtoo

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In the news this weekend, an as yet unnamed Conservative MP has been arrested on suspicion of rape. There have been calls for him to have the Conservative whip suspended, for example, Jess Phillips, the shadow Domestic violence minister has expressed shock that this has not happened yet.[1]Her argument is that naming him is necessary… Continue reading An MP, a rape accusation and #churchtoo