Should Christians disagree on social media?

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Social media, whether it’s twitter or Facebook (I assume that TikTok and Instagram have the same challenges but I’m not trendy or young enough to know) isn’t always the easiest place to be. Friends fall out quickly, words are said, others are muted, unfriended and blocked.  It can become toxic very quickly. Sadly, that seems… Continue reading Should Christians disagree on social media?

The solution to toxic culture? – a meal with Jesus

Has there been anything in history comparable to the horrific things reports of abuse, bullying and toxic culture coming from evangelical churches over the past few years? Well, yes there has. Right back in the first century, the mission of the church could have almost been undone by the antics of the Corinthian church. There… Continue reading The solution to toxic culture? – a meal with Jesus

Slander and Gnosticism

A little while back I observed that we can quickly start throwing charges of heresy and insults about.  You can read the article here.  I particularly observed that we were often quick to accuse people of being Gnostic or at least allowing Gnosticism to influence our beliefs and practices. The insult has replaced the long-standing… Continue reading Slander and Gnosticism

It’s time we got over our tribalism

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I grew up with my family attending an independent Methodist mission hall, elsewhere my Grandma was a fully accredited Methodist preacher.  Her husband had grown up in the Brethren movement in Belfast. Apparently Great Grandma had herself been a Methodist but had joined the Gospel Hall her husband belonged to when they got married.  Dad… Continue reading It’s time we got over our tribalism

Isolated (Proverbs 18)

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“Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire;    he breaks out against all sound judgment.”[1] These are probably not helpful words for a Government attempting to encouraging COVID-19 patients to self-isolate. Yet, our experience of having to socially isolate over these past 7 months have been a crash course in the cost of such isolation. When we… Continue reading Isolated (Proverbs 18)

False Accusation

At some point, it is likely that as a believer you will face false accusation. One of the Devil’s names, Satan, literally means “the accuser” his aim is to accuse believers to cause them to feel guilt and shame, he is the father of lies and so it is no surprise that his accusations are… Continue reading False Accusation