“Place me like a seal over your heart”

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Our engagement with Scripture includes both taking in and understanding significant sections of Scripture and focusing on the small details.  It’s about studying God’s Word and thinking it through but it is also about applying it practically. A crucial part of this is meditation.  Christian meditation is not about emptying your mind or even focusing… Continue reading “Place me like a seal over your heart”

Abandoned? How do we square the difficult bits of Song of Songs?

I keep coming back to the question that Mike Ovey frequently asked his students at Oak Hill, “Will you let God disagree with you through his word?”   The point he would make was that we can tell the difference between an imaginary friend and a real friend by whether or not the friend disagreed with… Continue reading Abandoned? How do we square the difficult bits of Song of Songs?

When Scripture asks the questions

Steve Kneale has written helpfully here about what to do when a Bible passage doesn’t seem to be answering your questions.  As Steve observes, it can often be the case that the passage simply isn’t intended to answer the question that you and me are asking. Indeed, it may well also be the case that… Continue reading When Scripture asks the questions

Sex as God’s Good Gift

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In the Louvre a few years back I saw a bizarre sight, a girl with a digital SLR camera, she was taking selfies!  Amongst all the art and sculptures, she only had eyes for herself. Shocking! Augustine and Martin Luther both talked about sin in terms of the mind curved in on itself as selfishness.… Continue reading Sex as God’s Good Gift

Applying the trickier aspects of Song of Songs

part of Holy Bible (focus point on center of photo)

Applying Song of Songs isn’t so neat and straight forward, whichever way we take it, either as practical wisdom about relationships or as a metaphor for Christ and the Church.  Have a read through the book and spot these things. The lead female character is someone who appears vulnerable, taken advantage of, at risk. She… Continue reading Applying the trickier aspects of Song of Songs

Notes on Song of Songs

part of Holy Bible (focus point on center of photo)

Genre Wisdom Literature and Poetry.  Wisdom literature is a specific genre within Scripture.  My definition is that “Wisdom Literature enables us to discover God’s wisdom for life by reflecting through poetry on God’s Law (Torah) and the redemptive history of God’s people.” For Christians we must first of all see this applied to and through… Continue reading Notes on Song of Songs

Christ loves you … so let him

I’ve shared a few articles about the Song of Songs recently. This week I’m going to be sharing some teaching Podcasts stepping into the book in a bit more detail. If you want to read some of the articles introducing Song of Songs please check out this tag. Here’s the first audio talk And here… Continue reading Christ loves you … so let him