A Second Blessing? (Sealed With the Holy Spirit part 8)

There have been various movements throughout history seeking to enable Christians to discover a higher life or greater experience of the Holy Spirit. These include: 1. The Holiness movement including aspects of Methodism and the early history of the Keswick Convention 2. The beginning of Pentecostalism at the turn of the 20th Century 3. The… Continue reading A Second Blessing? (Sealed With the Holy Spirit part 8)

Leaky – can we lose the Holy Spirit? (Sealed with Spirit 6)

Photo by Julia Sakelli on Pexels.com

Some illustrations of being filled with the Spirit liken the experience to a bottle full of water or a tyre full of air. In this video we look at the problems with these analogies and consider a better way of thinking about what it means to be filled with the Spirit.