Keswick non-conventional

Just back from Keswick. We were meant to be there for the convention but due to a little thing called COVID-19 the main event was cancelled. We had decided early on to keep our booking for the lodge we were meant to stay in. This was partly in hope of at least a break. AtContinue reading “Keswick non-conventional”

A Second Blessing? (Sealed With the Holy Spirit part 8)

There have been various movements throughout history seeking to enable Christians to discover a higher life or greater experience of the Holy Spirit. These include: 1. The Holiness movement including aspects of Methodism and the early history of the Keswick Convention 2. The beginning of Pentecostalism at the turn of the 20th Century 3. TheContinue reading “A Second Blessing? (Sealed With the Holy Spirit part 8)”

Festival of the Local Church

Usually at this time of year, there would be a number of Christian festivals and holiday conventions happening. All have had to be cancelled. It looks like this will apply to summer conventions too. Personally I’m a little disappointed, we were looking forward to joining the Keswick Convention having had a few years away. WeContinue reading “Festival of the Local Church”