What the Archbishop didn’t say

Last weekend, before we got back to things like parties in Downing Street and whether the Prime Minister tells the truth, the media and social media were full of reports and debate about what the Archbishop of Canterbury had said in his Easter Day sermon.  Reports focused on some statements critical of the UK’s Rwanda… Continue reading What the Archbishop didn’t say

It’s not the opponents of the refugee scheme that are howling

I was not going to add anything new here on the UK government’s announcement on Thursday regarding asylum seekers. I’ve already written before about offshore processing, why it’s a bad idea and why it doesn’t deal with the crisis. However, today has been a day for the tabloid press to lower its game even further… Continue reading It’s not the opponents of the refugee scheme that are howling

Welcome Churches -interview

Here’s a Faithroots Podcast special. I had the privilege of interviewing Sue Butler from Welcome Churches. We talked about The church’s response to the Ukrainian Refugee crisis The current situation with Afghanistan refugees Why Churches and Christians should be involved in social justice issues including on issues like asylum and immigration. How partnering with Welcome… Continue reading Welcome Churches -interview

Don’t forget about Afghanistan

It’s not long back that the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan and the disorderly withdrawal of British and American troops. At the time I wrote about being Afghan ready . I expressed concern that it was easy for us to virtue signal our concern for refugees and announce our readiness but harder… Continue reading Don’t forget about Afghanistan

What can we do for Ukraine?

As we watch on the situation in Ukraine, no doubt like me you feel completely helpless. There seems to be nothing we can do.  We can use hashtags to say that we #StandWithUkraine and we can change our profile pictures to incorporate the Ukrainian flag on our social media but what good does that do? … Continue reading What can we do for Ukraine?

We urgently need to do more for Ukrainian refugees

On Sunday, it was reported that only 50 refugees from Ukraine had been granted visas to come to the UK.  A Guardian report on Monday suggested that it had risen to 300 with about 17700 applications in process so we should expect further visas to be granted, indeed the New York Times reports Priti Patel… Continue reading We urgently need to do more for Ukrainian refugees

What our Afghan friends need right now

Yesterday I wrote about where the battle for Afghanistan was lost. I argued that the fate of the Afghan people was sealed at Doha when the US signed a deal with the Taliban. Consider the impact of that.  The people knew well what a return of the Taliban would mean: torture, rape, slavery, death.  Yet… Continue reading What our Afghan friends need right now

Is your church Afghan ready?

In Exodus 23:9, Moses says to the people of Israel: 9 “You shall not oppress a sojourner. You know the heart of a sojourner, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt” An extended version of this principle  is found in Deuteronomy 26:5-11 when Moses describes the festival to be observed when the people enter… Continue reading Is your church Afghan ready?

How do we respond to the Afghan tragedy?

The reports coming out of Afghanistan are heart-breaking as we see the Taliban return to power in Kabul 20 years after the Afghan war that followed the 911 terror attacks.  We don’t need to second guess what Taliban rule will involve because we have been there before. Taliban rule meant

Pastoring Asylum Seekers

One of the privileges I had serving in an urban multicultural context was the opportunity to pastor asylum seekers and other immigrants seeking leave to remain.  As well as those with what you might call fairly conventional asylum claims and those who were primarily economic migrants we also saw a number of people who were… Continue reading Pastoring Asylum Seekers