What did you come out to see?

This is an expansion of some quick thoughts I shared on Facebook last night in response to some of the criticisms I’ve seen of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon. I write both as someone who has given my fair share of feedback and criticism over the years, and as someone who has received plenty of… Continue reading What did you come out to see?

Did the Archbishop preach the Gospel?

Before the funeral, there was a lot of talk about the fact that 4 billion people would be listening in and the responsibility therefore on the shoulders of the Archbishop of Canterbury to “hot it out of the court” and “smash it” by giving people the Gospel, full barrels. I must admit that I’m a… Continue reading Did the Archbishop preach the Gospel?

The Queen’s last lesson

There’s been a lot of talk about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon at today’s funeral for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Some people have expressed hope that he’ll really hit home with the Gospel.  Others have expressed the same but with a strong conviction he will fail and almost a desire to see that happen. … Continue reading The Queen’s last lesson

What the Archbishop didn’t say

Last weekend, before we got back to things like parties in Downing Street and whether the Prime Minister tells the truth, the media and social media were full of reports and debate about what the Archbishop of Canterbury had said in his Easter Day sermon.  Reports focused on some statements critical of the UK’s Rwanda… Continue reading What the Archbishop didn’t say

In the face of climate change – what is our greatest need?

This week, world leaders have flown into Glasgow for the COP26 summit on the environment and combatting climate change. Two Christian responses to the summit raise some questions and challenges, First of all, a church in Glasgow responded by displaying this banner. Secondly, Justin Welby gave an interview where he commented that World leaders would… Continue reading In the face of climate change – what is our greatest need?

Did the Church miss an opportunity during lockdown?

It’s locked in my memory, my first ever Bradford City game. The year is 1986 and our next-door neighbour agreed I could go with him to see City play Huddersfield Town. We are stood in the crowd behind the goal, the ball is played into our centre forward, he is a couple of feet out… Continue reading Did the Church miss an opportunity during lockdown?

Awkward – the unsayable?

A baby boy is born, rejoice, a symbol of hope in troubled times.  That was the general mood of many public statements yesterday.  Carrie Symonds, the prime-minister’s fiancé had given birth. This was the Archbishop of Canterbury’s reaction. There is a lot to be thankful for.  A few weeks back, we were praying for Boris… Continue reading Awkward – the unsayable?