Pastoring the grieving

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I’m continuing a little series on the day to day work of a pastor and so today we want to think about what happens when a member of the church or one of their family dies.  What should you be doing.  We cannot be over prescriptive here because every family will have different needs and… Continue reading Pastoring the grieving

What did you come out to see?

This is an expansion of some quick thoughts I shared on Facebook last night in response to some of the criticisms I’ve seen of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon. I write both as someone who has given my fair share of feedback and criticism over the years, and as someone who has received plenty of… Continue reading What did you come out to see?

The Queen’s last lesson

There’s been a lot of talk about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon at today’s funeral for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Some people have expressed hope that he’ll really hit home with the Gospel.  Others have expressed the same but with a strong conviction he will fail and almost a desire to see that happen. … Continue reading The Queen’s last lesson

The absence of mourning?

A few years ago, one of our young mums had sad news, her sister back in her home country had died. Due to her immigration circumstances, she could not return for the funeral. So, we offered the opportunity for a memorial service here.  It hopefully eased the pain but clearly was not the same as… Continue reading The absence of mourning?