Don’t forget about Afghanistan

It’s not long back that the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan and the disorderly withdrawal of British and American troops.

At the time I wrote about being Afghan ready . I expressed concern that it was easy for us to virtue signal our concern for refugees and announce our readiness but harder to keep focused on what is a long term ongoing need.

Afghanistan has dropped out of the news somewhat. We are more preoccupied with our own woes as we see the cost of living rise and worry about fuel and food prices and potential shortages. Our capacity for compassion and welcome is focused on the overwhelming scenes from Ukraine.

However, the needs of the Afghan people haven’t gone away. This week, the Taliban reneged on promises concerning girls being able to attend school from Year 7 (Secondary) onwards. This is one immediate and visible piece of evidence that the old leopard probably hasn’t changed his spots.

Our hearts may well be full of tears and sadness for the victims of Putin’s onslaught but I would encourage us to keep some space in our prayers for Afghanistan too. And we must be alert, that even as we prepared to welcome Ukrainian refugees that there are still many others who need compassion and help.

Don’t forget about Afghanistan.

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