Leaving faithfully

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So, what happens when it is necessary to leave your current church?  This may be because: You are having to move due to work or family reasons There’s a specific opportunity to serve God in a new context You disagree with the church over a significant issue in terms of doctrine, direction of travel etc.[1]… Continue reading Leaving faithfully

Is complementarianism harmful and dangerous?

In our #FaithrootsLive sessions we’ve been looking at church leadership and the roles than men and women can/should play in this.  I come from what is usually referred to as a “complementarian” position.  Now, one of the challenges about this conversation is that it is a difficult, if not impossible conversation to have because as… Continue reading Is complementarianism harmful and dangerous?

Being the local church in lockdown

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I would like to pick up on a question asked in response to my post about committing to a local church the other day. The question was that if we are broadcasting our services on Facebook, Youtube and Zoom and people can join in from anywhere and everywhere then how can we still claim that… Continue reading Being the local church in lockdown

What a church can learn from a public heath director

Yesterday I had the privilege of interviewing Lisa McNally, Sandwell’s Director of Public Health. We were talking about avoiding local lockdowns and the part the community can play. Reflecting back on the conversation I was struck about some important lessons for churches in the discussion that go beyond questions about pandemics. So, here’s a summary… Continue reading What a church can learn from a public heath director

Church Unity in a time of Coronavirus

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Crisis brings out the best in us and the worst in us. I remember some wise advice many years ago from a pastor. Similarly, a tragedy like Coronavirus will not magically (or mystically even) bring together disunited Christian tribes. This applies not just to different individuals and tribes but to specific issues. If we had… Continue reading Church Unity in a time of Coronavirus

Learning the Wrong Lessons: Lies damned Lies and Statistics

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Every day brings more news about new coronavirus cases and a rising death toll.  The figures are put under intense scrutiny. Questions being asked are Is the rate of infection increasing or slowing? Is the figure accurate, does it confuse those who die from an illness with those who die with?  Does it include all… Continue reading Learning the Wrong Lessons: Lies damned Lies and Statistics

Law and Legalism, Grace and Wisdom

On Sunday mornings recently we were tackling the middle section of Deuteronomy. It’s a challenging section with at first sight a lot of rules and regulations where it is not always easy to see how they relate to each other and where at times the culture they represent seems alien and even offensive to our… Continue reading Law and Legalism, Grace and Wisdom