Zoom or in person? – another faulty question

In a recent article I got us to think a bit more about communion and suggested that the question of “open v closed” communion was the wrong one.  Another question that has come to the forefront during COVID is about what it means to gather as a church. This is of course related to theContinue reading “Zoom or in person? – another faulty question”

Communion at home and in private

Steve Kneale has written again about taking communion at home. This is one of the few issues where Steve and I disagree.  In terms of our views on essential doctrines and mission priorities we have a lot in common. This is a reminder that it is okay for friends to disagree on big issues inContinue reading “Communion at home and in private”

Church Unity in a time of Coronavirus

Crisis brings out the best in us and the worst in us. I remember some wise advice many years ago from a pastor. Similarly, a tragedy like Coronavirus will not magically (or mystically even) bring together disunited Christian tribes. This applies not just to different individuals and tribes but to specific issues. If we hadContinue reading “Church Unity in a time of Coronavirus”