Come with me – simple discipleship

I have often been struck by John’s description of the first disciples being called. I would sum up his description of discipleship being that it is people following Jesus to be in his presence and inviting others to come with them and follow Jesus. That’s discipleship in a nutshell. I was reminded of this againContinue reading “Come with me – simple discipleship”

He is stronger than the Darkness

We’ve been learning this new song from Tommy and Eileen Walker over the past few weeks. Over the past few years, our Sunday Night Church congregation have grown fond of the worship songs provided by Tommy Walker.  The words that particularly struck me in this song are “He’s stronger than the darkness.”  Although this isn’tContinue reading “He is stronger than the Darkness”


In this video, I describe Christmas as part of the evidence that points to the reality of the God who is Love, who created us and who is actively involved, even stepping down into history. I also said that that when it comes to apologetics, some people prefer to separate out proof of God’s existenceContinue reading “Godless?”

Unbelief and silence

Here’s another little perspective on the account of Zechariah and the angel.  Sometimes we see the key people in the Gospels in effect acting out or recapitulating Israel’s history.  So, here we have the story of a man who serves God in the Temple, who is a representative of the people and a spokesman forContinue reading “Unbelief and silence”

Love Conquers Fear (10) “I want to know what love is”

In our next Faithroots video we ask “How do we know what love is.” 1 John 4:7-12 tells us that “God is love” and then goes on to show us how we know God’s love.