Ssh we don’t talk about money

So the other day I got one of those awkward English messages. If it had been a verbal conversation it would have begun with a nervous cough and a glance at the floor.

The person was a facebook group moderator and it had been drawn to his attention by some of the group members that some of my posts had strayed outside of the group rules and aims. I checked back and the posts seemed to be well within the guidelines in terms of content. I had another look. Was it that I had shared some of my own articles. Some online groups are strict about that. I have never quite understood why. After all those of us who blog start from the presumption we have thoughts worth sharing. So why would we not share them? No that wasn’t against the rules of this group either.

Nor I hasten to add had I been racist, sexist or rude.

No, another look at the correspondance told me what the issue was. It was skirted around because we are English but the issue was I had mentioned money. Again to emphasise I was not asking for money nor promoting prosperity Gospel thinking.

What I had done was share a few articles trying to engage with the issue of economics from a Christian theological and ethical standpoint.

I cant help but think that stating in a headline that we should stop worshipping the magic money tree was all a bit too much.

It’s funny isn’t it? There are some things that you are not meant to mention in Christian circles. In my experience if we talk about race, class and money then those are the shibboleths that get us into trouble within Evangelicalism.

I guess we all have our “don’t go there” areas. I suspect that if we feel an issue should be off limits it speaks more about our own struggles than the suitability of the conversation content.

Over the past few years I have heard from brothers who have been asked to tone it down when talking about race and class. Personally I have had some censure for dealing with the issue of spiritual abuse. Though from other quarters I have also heard complaints about Christians speaking out against abortion being decriminalised suggesting this is not just a conservative evangelical thing.

Wouldn’t we do better to engage with those subjects that make us feel uncomfortable and get under our skin. Maybe when this happens it is one way in which I allow God’s word to disagree with me.

What are the subjects you would prefer not to talk about but maybe should?

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