Fallow Ground

Ancient Israel was expected to observe sabbath years (every 7) and jubilee years every 50. Those years were meant to allow for the release of slaves, cancellation of debt, return of property to tribal/clan ownership and rest for the land with the fields left fallow. Whilst those laws were specific to Israel and so notContinue reading “Fallow Ground”

After Brexit: This is the beginning of the debate not the end

The Brexit transition period is over and so today, some of those who have remained opposed in principle to the UK leaving the UK have announced their intention to re-join. This is their democratic right and Brexiteers who campaigned for many years to leave should respect their right to campaign for what they believe in,Continue reading “After Brexit: This is the beginning of the debate not the end”

Why I still think #EatOutToHelpOut is wrong … but what it might achieve

I have been arguing since it was announced that Rishi Sunak’s “Eat out to help out” scheme was a bad idea economically.  You see, the assumption seems to be that the measure will encourage people to start eating out in restaurants again. The problem is that the thing that has stopped people eating out overContinue reading “Why I still think #EatOutToHelpOut is wrong … but what it might achieve”

Stop worshipping at the foot of the magic money tree

It’s the 2017 General Election, the Tories had gone into the campaign, fully expecting a landslide victory but had then proceeded to self destruct whilst Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign had too off with the promise of investment and handouts. Central to the Labour campaign was the commitment to abolish student fees. Then you may remember thatContinue reading “Stop worshipping at the foot of the magic money tree”

Rishi’s gamble

Will you be off out for your half-priced meal in August? Don’t forget “eat out to help out.”  Rishi Sunak has turned into a kind of 21st Century milky bar kid, Nandos Chicken and your Beefeater steak are on him. Yesterday, the Chancellor announced some significant measures to help the economy avoid a deep recessionContinue reading “Rishi’s gamble”

Let them eat cake – thoughts on fairness and justice

This week on Afternoon Tea we are exploring questions about fairness and justice. In our first slot of the week, we talked about the difference between equality of outcome and equality of opportunity. I suggested that we might represent this simply by thinking in terms of sharing out a cake (because I like cake). ImagineContinue reading “Let them eat cake – thoughts on fairness and justice”

Rest: Sabbaths, cycles, recessions and plagues

I remember listening to a lecturer at University argue that you could track world economic activity against 50 year cycles. Each cycle would include a period of growth and a period of decline.  He argued that in fact there was little that government intervention could do to change the overall direction of things. In hisContinue reading “Rest: Sabbaths, cycles, recessions and plagues”