Cancelling exams will not level up

One of my big questions about the new lockdown concerned the thinking of the Government in cancelling exams this summer. Last May/June, it was obvious why exams were cancelled, we were in the middle of lockdown and so it was theoretically unsafe to run the exams. I say “theoretically” because there were people who arguedContinue reading “Cancelling exams will not level up”

Focus on the desired outcome

I had an intriguing conversation with someone about lockdown this morning. As readers will know, I’ve argued that it makes little sense to require even stricter lockdown measures for those already under strict measures whilst those not under the same level of restriction continue without any change. I’ve particular focused on the way that schoolsContinue reading “Focus on the desired outcome”

“You’re joking … not another one?” Lockdown 2?

Remember Brenda from Bristol’s reaction to the General Election in 2017. A lot of us are no doubt feeling like that about the prospect of another national lockdown. Of course there are a lot of people pushing heavily for one too. As a Christian and a church leaders I believe it is important that weContinue reading ““You’re joking … not another one?” Lockdown 2?”

The crucial difference between “at the earliest” and “at the latest”

“Don’t build up expectations, don’t get hopes up” “You will do better to air on the side of caution and pessimism” “Be realistic” These are the key messages that have been coming through from national church leaders involved in consultation with the Government over the past few weeks. It can be very frustrating if youContinue reading “The crucial difference between “at the earliest” and “at the latest””