Guest Post – In defence of Denominations

Yesterday I wrote about the relationship between evangelical Anglicans and evangelicals outside of the Church of England. I invited response and I’m delighted to share a guest post from Moses Tutesigensi. In his article, Moses focuses on a defence of denominations through interaction with my comments. Whilst the existence of denominations was not within myContinue reading “Guest Post – In defence of Denominations”

A Great attempt at a letter -and why sadly I cannot sign it yet

A few church leaders have put together a letter to the Prime Minister and the first ministers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It expresses support for proportional responses to COVID-19 whilst expressing concerns about some measures and where the limit to their support is. They are inviting other ministers to add their signatures. YouContinue reading “A Great attempt at a letter -and why sadly I cannot sign it yet”

local lockdowns and the local church

When Leicester went back into “lockdown” the Government explained that their strategy would be what they referred to as “whack-a-mole” acting quickly with local lockdowns to supress new spikes. Last night, we saw the most significant example of this yet as parts of West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester had new restrictions imposed. This is somethingContinue reading “local lockdowns and the local church”

A phased return out of lockdown for churches (a draft proposal)

Over the past few months, churches have willingly complied with COVID-19 lockdown measures. We have done so because we believed it was the right thing to do as we sought to love our neighbours. Throughout the lockdown we have sought to continue to care for the communities around us often providing practical and emotional supportContinue reading “A phased return out of lockdown for churches (a draft proposal)”

The crucial difference between “at the earliest” and “at the latest”

“Don’t build up expectations, don’t get hopes up” “You will do better to air on the side of caution and pessimism” “Be realistic” These are the key messages that have been coming through from national church leaders involved in consultation with the Government over the past few weeks. It can be very frustrating if youContinue reading “The crucial difference between “at the earliest” and “at the latest””

An open letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Boris, First of all, I want to let you know that we are encouraged by your own recovery from the COVID-19 virus.  Many Christians around the country were praying for you each day as well as for Carrie and your baby boy. We continue to pray for you, for your ongoing recovery and forContinue reading “An open letter to Boris Johnson”