Centred or boundaries?

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When we first moved to Bearwood, I had the opportunity to link up with other pastors for fellowship but there were a couple of groups operating, so which one was I meant to choose?  There was a Black Country Group and a Birmingham group. Initially it seemed to make snse to join with the Black… Continue reading Centred or boundaries?

Paedo-baptism and covenant membership

The other day I highlighted three of the big arguments for paedo-baptism, here is the fourth. This has particularly become associated with the Federal Vision thinking of Douglas Wilson, Peter Leithart and James Jordan, however it is not exclusive to them, rather you find it present in a lot of contemporary paedo-baptist arguments and particularly… Continue reading Paedo-baptism and covenant membership

Winding back the hyperbole

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Between the 4th and 6th Century AD a controversy boke out particularly among the churches in North Africa concerning a group called the Donatists. They believed that priests in the church had to be perfect in order to serve effectively. The root cause of this was to do with persecution.  Some Christians had found ways… Continue reading Winding back the hyperbole

Is unity possible between church traditions?

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This is the second part of my response to Moses’ guest article on denominations. A key part of Moses’ argument seems to be that an appeal to “Evangelical Unity” does not work because that pushes us down to the lowest common denominator and that people may have more in common with their non-evangelical colleagues within… Continue reading Is unity possible between church traditions?

Navigating the Denominations and Evangelical Unity

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In yesterday’s guest blog, Moses Tutesigensi made a robust defence of denominations. Moses was responding to my argument that Evangelical Anglicans need to refocus their attention on relationships with other Evangelicals.  As it happens, I do not have particular issues with denominations per se.  My question is about where we set the right priorities in… Continue reading Navigating the Denominations and Evangelical Unity

Guest Post – In defence of Denominations

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Yesterday I wrote about the relationship between evangelical Anglicans and evangelicals outside of the Church of England. I invited response and I’m delighted to share a guest post from Moses Tutesigensi. In his article, Moses focuses on a defence of denominations through interaction with my comments. Whilst the existence of denominations was not within my… Continue reading Guest Post – In defence of Denominations