Baptism, conscience and what I personally will do

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This is the third and final part of my response to Steve Kneale’s article on baptism, sin and conscience. There are other things I could pick up on from it. For example, I think Steve has over-laboured on trying to fit people to specific labels for example. I don’t think that works. There will be… Continue reading Baptism, conscience and what I personally will do

Baptism, conscience and sin

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The other day I wrote about how I approach the question of people who have been baptised in a paedobaptist context and whether or not a baptistic church should treat that as valid when welcoming someone into membership. The article was part of a series on baptism but it was responding to something Steve Kneale… Continue reading Baptism, conscience and sin

When your argument proves more than you want it to…

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I’m going to try and start to wrap up my mini-series about baptism -which is more correctly about good Biblical exegesis.* Right back in my first article I said that putting the phrase “for you and your children” back into context “makes it clear that the promise is for those it is proclaimed to not… Continue reading When your argument proves more than you want it to…

Does Baptism save?

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Generally speaking, most paedobaptists would stop short of teaching baptismal regeneration.  That’s the belief associated primarily with Catholicism that it is the act of baptism itself that objectively brings about salvation.  The closest we have got to that idea has been from  some Federal Vision proponents who insist that baptism does objectively do something and… Continue reading Does Baptism save?

Justified (Romans 4:1-12)

If you were to list the top 3 doctrines you believe first of all in terms of what is necessary to salvation, what would you list look like? Now how would you draw up your list a second time, this time with the focus on how doctrine affects the Christian life and the nature of… Continue reading Justified (Romans 4:1-12)

Paedo-baptism and covenant membership

The other day I highlighted three of the big arguments for paedo-baptism, here is the fourth. This has particularly become associated with the Federal Vision thinking of Douglas Wilson, Peter Leithart and James Jordan, however it is not exclusive to them, rather you find it present in a lot of contemporary paedo-baptist arguments and particularly… Continue reading Paedo-baptism and covenant membership

The problem with some of the big arguments for infant baptism

Over the years, I’ve consistently heard three main arguments for infant baptism. These are: That when preaching, the apostles announced that the promise was for “you and your children.” Therefore, Christians can confidently expect their children to be within the new covenant promise. That baptism is the New Covenant equivalent of circumcision, that circumcision was… Continue reading The problem with some of the big arguments for infant baptism