Confronting abuse in the church – reforming towards a culture of grace

I’ve written from time to time about the issues of bullying and abuse within the church. That is because recent serious scandals relating to high profile leaders that include sexual, emotional and physical abuse, and sadly the accompanying failure of the church to deal with such issues over many years raise challenges about church culture. Continue reading “Confronting abuse in the church – reforming towards a culture of grace”

Leaders set the tone -sometimes it is about us

In a previous article I said that we set the tone by recognising that things are not always about us. However, sometimes they are.  One of the things that concerned me about early comments during coronavirus was the speed with which some church leaders and prominent speakers and writers were quick to suggest that theContinue reading “Leaders set the tone -sometimes it is about us”

Abuse and church – We didn’t mean to be here

In Deuteronomy 19, God provides cities of refuge for Israelites to flee to when they have killed someone. There is a vital qualification, the killing has to have been unintentional. It cannot be for a wilful, malicious attack. The Law made a distinction between two types of sin, the first type were high handed sins,Continue reading “Abuse and church – We didn’t mean to be here”