Is it just psychobabble?

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Over the past couple of days I’ve shared a couple of posts drawing on observations that psychologists make about trauma and suggesting some lessons for church leaders. Some of us might be a little bit nervous of seeing articles that appear to draw primarily from secular thinking. I mean, there’s huge scepticism about the ability… Continue reading Is it just psychobabble?

Revitalisation and the traumatised church

I’ve mentioned a few times now that sometimes a church acts and feels as though it has been through a form of corporate or collective trauma and is suffering corporate PTSD.  There may have been a number of factors leading up to this including specific events within the life of the church such as the… Continue reading Revitalisation and the traumatised church

Why do we struggle to talk about pastors and depression?

A few years back I was asked to cover a couple of sessions for a ministry training course. One of the sessions was on “failure.” The request came with a couple of those expected awkward jokes along the lines of “we aren’t picking you for any specific reason.” Indeed, at the time, arguably I’d not… Continue reading Why do we struggle to talk about pastors and depression?

What’s my part?

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#TheDailyDose – Exodus 6:6-12 The fireman at your bedside Grace in the OT The Covenant Promise (cf Gen 12:1-3) God’s Presence/Blessing God’s People                                                                 God’s Land Exodus 6 -12 Redemption (rescue and atonement) Exodus 20 – Law …over to you? What’s the right response to God’s Grace? To desire to know God fully  -his name To… Continue reading What’s my part?

How (not) to be a guilt driven church

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#TheDailyDose – Ephesians 2:8-10 The book we bought and the book we read Rick Warren’s best sellers “The purpose driven life” and “The purpose  driven church” –but a lot of churches and Christian lives feel “guilt driven” …not purpose driven What do I mean …. Trying to bridge a gap “For it is by grace… Continue reading How (not) to be a guilt driven church

The truth about cats and dogs

#TheDailyDose (Psalm 51) The difference between cats and dogs                Dogs show guilt in their face                Cats cause you to feel guilt A lot of people carry a heavy burden of guilt and shame –it can cripple us as we seek to serve God. It can cripple churches too What is guilt? Often when… Continue reading The truth about cats and dogs