Freedom of speech, decorum and breach of the peace

There is in the UK widespread seemingly widespread support for the monarchy.  Now, there is an important distinction between “widespread support” and “unanimous support.”  There is a significant proportion of people who would prefer the crown to be replaced with a republic.  Readers of Faithroots will know from past articles that I sit closer to… Continue reading Freedom of speech, decorum and breach of the peace

COVID and Omicron – what’s the mood?

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Yesterday I ran one of my little surveys via twitter. Remember, these are not intended to give is a scientific analysis of the exact proportions of people that hold specific positions. Rather, they operate like a kind of focus group or dip check. That’s not a high number of votes and I expect proportions would… Continue reading COVID and Omicron – what’s the mood?

Don’t lose sleep over it

Apparently I’m cold and unfair!  What has provoked this? The answer is that I choose not to lose sleep over the challenges that the private school sector face as a result of COVD-19.  The Economist has written an article explaining that schools have been hit financially and the ongoing crisis is likely to lead to… Continue reading Don’t lose sleep over it

Food from around the world wide web

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Son of a preacher man – when a child talks to his dad about being a preacher. How to care for friends with anxiety and depression – The Gospel Coalition have posted this article by Emma Scrivener. Follow the link through her site. I want to direct you through her site rather than straight to… Continue reading Food from around the world wide web