Why the COVID Vaccine or a possible vaccine passport probably are not the mark of the beast

In a dystopian world, Gill Bates, tech multi-billionaire and founder of UberTough, the IT giant, has designed a vaccine that will alter your DNA, this mark will be inserted into your arm (close to your hand right) and to prove you’ve had it, you will also have to have a digital passport based on facialContinue reading “Why the COVID Vaccine or a possible vaccine passport probably are not the mark of the beast”

Prioritising the non-vulnerable may help protect the vulnerable

The primary assumption with rolling out vaccines is that you want to make sure that the highly vulnerable get the vaccine first, so you start with the over 80s and then the over 70s and those with medical conditions. There is a lot of wisdom in that.  However, a comment by our local Public HealthContinue reading “Prioritising the non-vulnerable may help protect the vulnerable”

The vaccine and abortion (3) Doing ethics from three perspectives

There are three general approaches to how we make ethical decisions. Sometimes in history they have functioned as competing schools of thought but some contemporary thinkers (particularly John Frame) suggest that in fact we need all three perspectives to make decisions.  I’m going to outline them here – probably a little (a lot?) simplified forContinue reading “The vaccine and abortion (3) Doing ethics from three perspectives”

The vaccine and abortion (2) How do we make ethical decisions?

The other day. I posted an article looking at the moral dilemma created by the fact that over the years, those creating vaccines have relied on cells harvested from aborted embryos in order to cultivate vaccines.  A few people began to openly wrestle with the implications to this.  They expressed discomfort at the news andContinue reading “The vaccine and abortion (2) How do we make ethical decisions?”

The vaccine and abortion

I’ve seen a range of reasons given over the past few months for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.  Some of them are understandable including concerns about whether we know about all potential side effects yet. Some people see it as a freedom issue, although as things stand, the vaccine won’t be compulsory,Continue reading “The vaccine and abortion”

Swallows and Vaccines

Yesterday was a good news day in the battle against COVID-19.  The twin announcements of a mass testing trial in Liverpool and the positive results from vaccine trials were signs op hope.  However, in the Prime Minister’s statement last night, we were reminded by him and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer that there is stillContinue reading “Swallows and Vaccines”

Why we might not need the vaccine to be fully rolled out to get back to normal

This article comes with all the usual and hopefully obvious caveats and disclaimers.  I’m not a doctor, epidemiologist or anything medical.  So, these are the musings of an ordinary citizen and arm chair critic. However, sometimes it takes the ordinary citizen, the amateur if you like to raise observations that might get missed. That’s whyContinue reading “Why we might not need the vaccine to be fully rolled out to get back to normal”

Is it hubris to believe we can control a virus?

Glen Scrivener thinks it is.  So today I am going to do the risky thing and attempt to disagree with a brilliant mind!  First of all, we need to distinguish between “Can we potentially control a virus.” And “have we been able to control this one” or “will we definitely be able to control it.”Continue reading “Is it hubris to believe we can control a virus?”

Law and Spirit: A COVID Parable

Imagine this: it’s summer 2021.  After extensive trials and tests, the COVID-19 vaccine is available.  It has been internationally confirmed to be reliable, safe and effective. Here in the UK it is available to you for free. What would you say to someone who is choosing to refuse the vaccine and instead is insisting onContinue reading “Law and Spirit: A COVID Parable”

Didn’t we expect Coronavirus cases to rise?

Concern has been raised at the recent rise of Coronavirus cases. However, why are we surprised that it is happening? It is worth remembering two important things. First of all, that the original purpose of social distancing and lockdown measures was not in the belief that this would end the pandemic but rather with theContinue reading “Didn’t we expect Coronavirus cases to rise?”