What are we afraid of?

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Throughout COVID I’ve seen a particular line of argument from some of my fellow Christians to the effect that the response to the pandemic marks out a society that is afraid of death.  Apart from the feeling that this comes combined with suspicion of interventions to mitigate against the virus and a little bit of… Continue reading What are we afraid of?

Vaccine passports?

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I wanted to say a little bit more about the possibility of vaccine passports coming into play over the next few weeks.  I hope that this doesn’t happen for two simple reasons. I’m aware that a significant number of people struggle with the concept on a moral/ethicl basis and even having received the COVID vaccines… Continue reading Vaccine passports?

How do we avoid future lockdowns?

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Despite the roll out of the vaccine and the gradual easing of lockdown, there’s still a lot of pessimism in the air. Consistently we hear talk about the potential for COVID-19 infections to rise again and further deaths. Whilst the Government are adamant that there is no reason for us to see a reverse of… Continue reading How do we avoid future lockdowns?

I didn’t expect to need to know that

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It’s been wryly noted that we suddenly have become experts in virology and epidemiology.  Two years ago many of us didn’t even know that epidemiology existed. Today, we use terms like “R rate” freely and talk confidently about the impact of this or that variant and the efficacy of different NPIs. Similarly, I remember at… Continue reading I didn’t expect to need to know that